We have vast experience in this segment of the business, we know that raw material and end product logistics require high safety standards for storage and transport in order to reduce theft, shrinkage, contamination or mistreatment.

SAAM thus has a service where cargo is to be protected from any kind of alteration, providing ongoing traceability in order to guarantee this. SAAM has appropriate tools to cover these manufacturing industry needs.

Our mission is to support our customers throughout their entire logistics process so that importers and exporters can optimize their production and commercialization processes, while trusting in optimization provided by SAAM as a logistics operator.

Main services provided

Transport of raw materials and supplies

We provide specialized transport for your raw materials and supplies. We are able to transport any type of material and we are experienced in the development of appropriate transport programs for each customer.

Finished project distribution

As a specialist in merchandise flow at a national level, SAAM organizes and transports manufactured products. Permanent communication, close collaboration and ongoing follow-up guarantees that our distribution teams will meet high delivery compliance standards.


We have the right resources for designing tailor-made solutions for our customers in order to optimize physical space and merchandise flow. In addition, we have of a network of agencies throughout Chile, SAAM can operate raw material and supply warehouses and distribution centers for finished products wherever these may be required by our customers.

Complementary services

Systems and technologies

Our systems and information technologies guarantee that each link of the supply chain will be perfectly connected and that we can obtain accurate information for each step along the way. This means that we are able to optimize your supply chain performance. Better data mean fewer mistakes and lower costs in the manufacturing logistics chain.

Since each customer requires finished product handling, SAAM also offers in-house services in order to fully integrate the logistics chain and thus ensure appropriate management of your stock and order monitoring.

Value Added Solutions

We trust that our solutions can be used by the manufacturing sector to reduce error margins, control logistics costs, optimize storage and transport, and finally improve customer service.

We also have an engineering and development team that analyses and designs logistics chains for specialized or oversized cargo in order to deliver a competitive proposal that will ensure service and timely delivery in accordance with the expected standards.

Services provided
  • Inland at origin.
  • Document entry services / freight forwarder service.
  • Custom inbound warehousing.
  • Route transportation.
  • Cross docking.
  • Stuffing / Unstuffing.
  • Cargo classification.
  • Ground storage.
  • Storage on racks and stands.
  • SKU control and administration.
  • Labeling.
  • Kitting.
  • Pack assembly.
  • Sacking.
  • Pallet picking and dispatch.
  • Box and unit picking and dispatch.
  • Lastmile distribution.
  • Delivery confirmation.
  • Removal of returns/rejects.
  • Reverse transport.
  • Return reception/classification.