In 2016, Puerto Caldera transferred more than 5.5 million tons. The main loads were containers (268 thousand TEUs in 2016) and bulk load, such as cereals, fertilizers, raw materials and flours.

The port is located in a strategic location in Costa Rica, given its proximity and good connectivity with the city of San José.

Ricardo Ospina León, General Manager
9 grados, 54 minutos latitud norte; 84 grados, 43 minutos longitud oeste.
(+506) 2634 9500


Location Caldera
Costa Rica
SAAM stake 51%
Tonnes in 2018 6.107.231
Teus in 2018 310.151
Number of Docks 4
Total Berth 800
Maximum Draft 13
Yard (Hectares) 12
End of Concession 2026
Extension Option