A foreign trade terminal in Ecuador specializing in the local fruit industry. Banana exports account for a large percentage of its business.

The terminal specializes in the transfer of containerized cargo.

Luisenrique Navas, General Manager
Av. Los Angeles, Vía Perimetral – Isla Trinitaria  Calle 51 S.O. y 4º P.T. 30 S.O., Guayaquil
(+593) (4) 3715400

Terminal Data

Location Guayaquil
SAAM stake 100%
Tonnes in 2018 6.439.451
Teus in 2018 825.170
Number of Docks 2
Total Berth 480
Maximum Draft 9,75
Yard (Hectares) 25,4
End of Concession 2056