The air cargo logistics business is made up of Aerosan, a company that, with more than 40 years in the market, provides airport logistics services for physical and documentary handling of export, import, domestic and customs warehousing cargo, along with customer service. on ramp to aircraft and passenger services.

Today the company provides services to foreign trade throughout the entire airport logistics chain. In the context of logistics and global trade, the company also teaches courses certified by IATA (International Air Transport Association) for the handling of dangerous goods, aviation safety and apron operations.

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Cargo Services

  • Acceptance of general and perishable cargo, security control, scanning and X-ray, handling of fresh products in cold storage, consolidation according to customer requirements and automated temperature, weight, measurement and volume records.
  • Cargo deconsolidation, document management, warehousing, management of medical products, hazardous goods and animals.
  • Inventory tracking and product dispatch as defined by the local legislation of each airport.
  • General assistance for aircraft (cleaning, refueling of supplies, free storage).

Passenger Services

  • Passenger check-in, baggage checking and handling, special passenger assistance, catering and fuel coordination, among others.
  • Full assistance for special passenger and general cargo flights.