Diversification and Cargo Transfer Record: STI Celebrates Several Achievements in 2018

Last year, San Antonio Terminal Internacional resumed service for car carriers and added new bulk products to its portfolio.

Santiago, January 2019. In 2018, San Antonio Terminal Internacional (STI) reached the milestone of transferring one million TEUs for the seventh year in a row, in addition to several other milestones achieved during the year. During the period, it transferred 11,873,988 tons of cargo, up 14% from 2017, which was a significant contributing factor in its cargo movement record.

Last year, in addition to improving cargo volumes, the concessionaire diversified its portfolio by once again servicing car and bulk carriers.

“Our success in 2018 is the result of our entire team’s effort to navigate a competitive market and an increasingly consolidated shipping industry,” remarked the CEO of STI, José Iribarren. He added that the terminal has placed special importance on strengthening a safety-focused work model.

“The preventative culture that we have integrated into our work has had a positive effect on operating continuity and earned us the Tucapel Jiménez Award, which is given to organizations with exceptional safety management of workplace risk,” highlighted Iribarren.

Opportunities for dialogue created within the organization were key to identifying solutions to different challenges faced by the terminal, which concluded two collective bargaining processes in 2018. During the entire year, STI participated in employer-employee working groups on continuous improvement, quality of life and occupational health.

“We must continue to reinforce the trust of our team. In 2019, we particularly want to keep safety, efficiency and operating continuity at the heart of what we do,” commented the executive.

He concluded that these elements will help the terminal move its business into the future, in the midst of new operating and commercial challenges to improve its business position.


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