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SAAM: people, services and infrastructure that facilitate global trade

We are operating at more than 90 ports in 13 countries with a modern fleet of +200 tugs. In addition, we offer logistics services at eight airports in Latin America.

“SAAM aspires to become the global leader in the towage industry. Today we are the third largest player worldwide and first in the region. Now we want to become the leading towage company in the world. With Aerosan, we want to replicate the path we have taken with towage, transforming it into a regional leader in the Americas.”

Macario ValdésChief Excecutive Officer

We are a global industry leader and first in the Americas in port towage services.

SAAM Towage

Mayor operador de servicios de remolque en América y el tercero a nivel mundial, consolidando su posición en el mercado con más de 60 años de experiencia.


Compañía con más de 40 años en el mercado logística de carga aérea.

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